The right technology is essential in keeping up with a rapidly changing financial services landscape. Just as important: the industry expertise to put that technology to its best use.

With IBM, you get both. Unmatched hybrid cloud know-how and technologies enable you to combine the strengths of on- and off-premises systems to handle the complete spectrum of workloads with the utmost efficiency while realising low total cost of ownership. This empowers the institutions to focus on digital products delivered as application programming interfaces (APIs), and partner with FinTechs to create new solutions to win, serve and retain customers. Industry-leading augmented intelligence capabilities help you make the most of all available data—both inside and outside your organisation—to fuel new offerings and processes that learn from experience and get better over time. And rich security frameworks, a configurable controls database and continuous, end-to-end monitoring of the regulatory ecosystem mean you can be confident in your compliance and data safety without exception.

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