Below is a guide about how to log back into your account and also how to submit your finished entries for the Banking Technology Awards. If you are ready to get started you can set up an account on our entry portal or log back in here.

Please email if you need any further assistance.

Logging back into your account

Step 1- Click ‘Login to your account’.

Step 2 – If you have them, enter your email address and password and skip to Step 8.
If you were never asked to create a password or have forgotten it click ‘Request login details’ in the bottom left of the screen. You will be asked to enter your email address if you didn’t already.

Step 3 – You will be taken to a page that informs you an email has been sent to you.

Step 4 – Open the email and follow the link inside.

Step 5 – Enter your desired password and click ‘Change Password’. You should click this regardless of whether you are creating your password for the first time or changing an old one.

Step 6 – You will be sent to a screen telling you your password creation or change was a success. Follow the link below to log into your account.

Step 7 – We are back at Step 2, enter your email address and your new password.

Step 8 – You are in your dashboard, you can enter new categories or open the ‘+ Entries Not Submitted’ tab and either click ‘Edit this Entry’ or ‘Submit and Pay’.


Completing your entries

Step 1 – Once logged in, go to the ‘+ Entries Not Submitted’ tab.

Step 2 – Use the tick boxes on the right-hand side to select the entries you wish to submit. Then click ‘Submit and Pay’.

Step 3 – You will arrive at a page titled “Awards Details”. This should show your name, address, phone number, and email address, please make sure these are correct. Then click ‘Complete registration’.

Step 4 – You will arrive at a page titled “Purchase Summary”. This screen explains that you will shortly be receiving an email confirmation. An invoice for the awards you have entered will follow after that.